64 things that are worth doing in Kiev depending on the season :)

64 things that are worth doing in Kiev depending on the season :)

1. Eat up to the dump of the Kiev cake, having previously bought it on Khreshchatyk

2. Swim in the open air of the Yunost pool at Bastionnaya, 7.

3. Drink prosecco on the shores of the Kiev Sea.

4. Get into the soap bubble at the Museum of Water.

5. Cross the Dnieper River through the longest bridge - Paton Bridge, which stretches for 1543 m.

6. Sitting in the church of St. Nicholas and listen to the concert of the organ with the orchestra.

7. To be confused in Pirogova "Nikolai" when choosing a filling.

8. Go through the closet in the only Museum of M. A. Bulgakov.

9. Count the steps on the road to Castle Hill, on St. Andrew's Descent.

10. Play chess with local grandmasters in the park named after T.G. Shevchenko.

11. Bring a read book to the literary cafe "Cupid" in order to exchange it for another, and stay for a cup of coffee or something stronger.

12. Count the stars in the Kiev Planetarium.

13. Touch kittens, hamsters and puppies at the Kurenevsky zoo market Ptichka (Frunze, 166).

14. Make a circle on the funicular, which, incidentally, was the second after Odessa in the territory of the former Russian Empire.

15. Eat the most reliable shawarma in Kiev at Samir on Bessarabka (in the market building), where regular nightclubs meet after a stormy night.

16. Drink good tea at the Tea Club.

17. Overcome 374 steps to climb the Great Lavra Bell Tower.

18. Find out where the clouds come from "Experimentium" - a new research and entertainment center (Verkhny Val, 2a).

19. Take Kontraktova to tram number 12 and leave for Pushcha Voditsa.

20. Climb up the street. Grushevskogo to the Children's Puppet Theater, which was built in the style of the Disney Castle.

21. At least once to look into the Golden Gate.

22. There are delicious cinnamon rolls or pies with broth in Yaroslavna on Yar Val. To look at their newly made (sorry for the pun) competitors: pies with cherries from Aunt Klara’s pie.

23. To see all the sights of the city at once in the Kiev park in miniature, which is located in the Hydropark near the Mlyn restaurant.

24. Visit one of the oldest monasteries in Kiev - Vydubitsky, which is located almost on the territory of the Botanical Garden.

25. Tighten your eyes, looking at a savvy flea and a chessboard in the Museum of Miniatures.

26. Fly on everything than you can on SC Seagull.

27. Walk along the walk of fame in the Baykovsky cemetery and wonder for a long time how the architect Miletsky was able to come up with a project for a local crematorium.

28. Despite the dubious female beauty, climb up to Mother Motherland and wait until she hits the shield at exactly midnight with her sword.

29. In 1 hour and 20 minutes, go around the whole Kiev by city electric train.

30. Go to a movie in the USSR’s first panoramic cinema - Kinopanorama.

31. Take a chance at health and eat Kiev perepichka, and preferably two at once on B. Khmelnitsky, 3.

32. Go dancing with grandparents. In summer, cheerful dancers from the transition to the Theater move to the Hydropark.

33. Take a ride on the ferris wheel in the Goloseevsky park.

34. With a clever look, consider the exhibits at the Museum of Art named after Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko.

35. Archery, catapults, fight with swords and do other knightly stupid things in the Kievan Rus Park.

36. Look at contemporary art in one of the largest European exhibition complexes in the Mystetsky Arsenal.

37. Climb to the Bald Mountain, thereby refuting all the rumors associated with this place.

38. Look into one of the oldest houses in Kiev - Chocolate House, aka Mogilevtsev Mansion, aka the central registry office before the construction of a triangle on Victory Avenue.

39. There are pancakes in the park to them. T.G. Shevchenko near the restaurant O’Panas.

40. Sitting on a bench in the square of Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya.

41. Go around the capital underground along the chain of Kiev caves and get out in the most unexpected place.

42. Walk among the mills and Ukrainian huts in Pirogovo.

43. Buy bait and gear at the fishing market of Bukhara (near the Metro bridge and the Dnipro metro station) and go to the embankment to fish.

44. Go to one of the city events on Vozdvizhenka: until recently, a street with an area was considered a “dead area”, and now on weekends there are fairs, flea markets and large-scale picnics.

45. Go to the House with chimeras (Bankovaya St., 10), which was built according to the project of Gorodetsky on the bank of the drained Goat swamp.

46. ​​Wandering around the Lavra caves with a candle in their hands.

47. Admire the classics of Russian fine art in the Museum. Repin.

48. Try to eat the largest and most delicious apple pie in Shalennoy mom.

49. Go through the whole pipe in the passage from the Khreshchatyk metro station to Independence Square and at the end listen to the elderly lady singing Ave Maria.

50. Eat Ukrainian borsch in one of the old restaurants in Kiev - in Mlyn.

51. Go to the NSC Olimpiyskiy for one of the football matches.

52. To get into a fairy tale on the 13th floor in one of the entrances to Troieschyna at 26 Radunskaya.

53. One weekend, take the metro to the hippodrome (10, Glushkova Ave.) and sit on the races.

54. Sit on a large swing opposite the Zhelezka gym complex in the Hydropark and look at the men in tights.

55. It is imperative to go on a tour of Rusanovka, Kiev in Kiev, the area which is the island and the only residential massif built on washed sand in Europe.

56. Walk along the Landscape Alley, where sitting on the mosaic benches, watch the sunset and the panorama of the city.

57. Feed the squirrels in the spruce forest of the Botanical Garden in Pechersk.

58. Climb to the top of the most interesting city roofs of the city: Ukraine department store (passage directly through the 4th floor of the parking lot), a 34-storey residential building on Poznyaki on the street. Grigorenka, 7a (the roof is open to the public), or Krasnozvezdny Prospekt, 4a (the whole roof is rented out for special events).

59. Wander around the courtyards of a unique architectural ensemble on Podil near Frunze Street, which was built in the 80s by a certain architect Victor Rosenberg in the style of modern brutal constructivism.

60. Go to explore the Tatar mountains, climbing a steep climb from the Zhitny Market, go to the mosque, then visit the Tatar cemetery, passing through which you can go to the spacious slopes, which offer the best view of Podil.

61. Trace all branches of evolution and find their ancestors in the Zoological Museum.

62. To wander in Pechersk in a real fortress - Diagonal Kaponir, where once there were prisons for political prisoners.

63. To leave for the whole day in Goloseevsky park with its countless lakes, passing into the most beautiful Goloseevsky forest, and then to the Kitaevsky monastery - the most pleasant in Kiev.

64. Exit the University metro and delve into the Botanical Gardens to them. Fomina, one of the oldest botanical gardens in our country.

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