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Kiev - the city of chestnuts

Kiev - the city of chestnuts

The history of the city has already been one and a half thousand years old, during the time of Kievan Rus it was its main patron city, or as they say, “Mother of Russian cities”.

Getting into the capital's Kiev whirlpool, you cannot help but admire the beauty and grandeur of this city
It is believed that the special flavor of Kiev can be felt in May, at the time of flowering chestnuts, which the city is famous for. Amazes with its spaciousness and grandeur Khreshchatyk and Independence Square.

Like the cradle of Orthodoxy in Russia, Kiev is famous for its temples. Saints for all Orthodox people are Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, St. Michael and St. Sophia Cathedral.

Many architectural monuments of different eras, such as the Golden Gate, the Kiev Opera House, the House with Chimeras, the National Bank of Ukraine, the Old Exchange and just the residential buildings of the old center create a special unique cityscape.

One cannot but visit the famous St. Andrew's Descent, where one can not only admire objects of art and crafts, but also acquire something in memory of Kiev.

Among other things, many men and women know what wealth the metropolitan stores offer, especially during the discount season. Breaking out into the capital even for one day is a change of scenery, an adventure, an opportunity to get to know new people and new places.

If you decide to come to the best city in our country, then you need to take care, first of all, about housing.
For you, the ideal option would be to rent an apartment in Kiev, and it is advisable to do this in advance, so that upon arrival you have where to settle down, and not run and look for ads. Considering the fact that there are very advanced scammers in the capital.

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If you want to be away from the eternal traffic jams and bustle, then you can rent an apartment on the left bank of Kiev. Poznyaki, Osokorki, Darnitsa. Also, we have a choice: one-room, two-room, etc., but for people who are accustomed to never denying anything to themselves, there is a VIP (VIP), luxury apartment.

Come to the capital, the largest and most beautiful city in our country, and we assure you, you will not regret it!

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