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Property rental in the capital: how to rent, and how the price is formed

Property rental in the capital: how to rent, and how the price is formed

Every day Kiev meets new or regular guests. Working trips, meeting friends, relaxing and sightseeing - there are many reasons to visit the main city of the country. The main problem is to find and rent a house. In the capital there are different offers for temporary or long-term residence: hotels, hostels. But the most profitable and convenient option is to rent a property. How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Kiev? What factors form the cost of housing? We’ll try to figure it out.

Price formation

Prices for rental apartments in Kiev are growing every year. The seasonal jump occurs before the start of the school year, when the capital is filled with students coming from other regions. An increase in rental activity is also observed on the eve of the holidays. What are the prices for renting an apartment in Kiev? Cost factors are influenced by the following factors:

  • location and area;
  • remoteness from the subway;
  • number of rooms and area;
  • state;
  • type of house.

According to statistics, most Kiev guests want to rent a property for the long term, paying up to $ 500. About 40% of all transactions are apartment rental operations with a value of 600-800 conventional units.

Profitable offer

You can rent an apartment on the most favorable conditions in Svyatoshinsky, Obolonsky, Solomensky, Desnyansky or in Darnitsky district. Options in the lower or middle price range are mostly removed from metro stations. In this case, to get to the underground transport, guests of the capital will have to use buses or trams.

The presence of the metro within walking distance increases the cost of housing. It will cost one and a half times more expensive. To rent an apartment near the metro at low or medium cost is an almost impossible task. The average price of rented real estate in such regions is about 10 thousand.

Rent in a new building

An increasing number of guests in the capital want to rent housing in a new building. The main reasons for the popularity of such proposals: good repair, landscaped house territory, young neighbors and clean front rooms. These options can be removed at 20-30% more expensive.

A variety of residential complexes located in different areas of Kiev, within walking distance from the metro or remote from underground transport, allows you to choose the best option for the cost of renting for a day or for long-term accommodation.

The average price for a one-room apartment in a new building (city center) is 18,000. In the sleeping areas of Kiev it is easy to find options that are 5–7 thousand cheaper. If you rent a property on the outskirts, you can meet the 10,000 hryvnia.

Additional expenses

When planning a move to Kiev, you need to correctly calculate the budget, which will go not only for renting an apartment, but also for paying utility bills and realtor services. The cost of housing and communal services is calculated from the readings of water, electricity and heat meters (installed mainly in new homes). In the summer season, the average amount of utility bills for a one-room apartment is up to 1000 UAH. In the cold season, the payment rises to 1500-1800 hryvnia.

To rent a house in Kiev and exclude the possibility of cooperation with scammers, guests of the capital use the services of realtors, which entails additional costs. Real estate agencies take 50% of the cost of renting an apartment. The services of companies allow you to save time necessary to find the right option, and to insure yourself against possible risks. In cooperation with reliable companies, a contract is concluded between the landlord and the guest of the capital, which sets out the monthly cost of housing, indicates the household appliances present in the apartment, payment terms and other nuances of the transaction.

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