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The capital of any country gives great opportunities not only to honest people, but also to criminals. Kiev was no exception. There are no less people who want to earn “easy” money on scams with renting apartments. Every year, their actions become more perfect and sophisticated. At the moment, the most common methods of fraud are the following: one-day agencies and the use of fake documents for an apartment.

The first method of cheating is not new, but recently used by scammers quite often. Its essence lies in the fact that one or several people register an agency (most often do without registration), rent a small apartment or hotel room, advertise for the provision of services. When a potential tenant contacts them, they give him for a fee a list of apartments that are rented out. Perhaps the victim will be asked to pay several months of residence immediately on the spot. Having visited the indicated addresses, the person realizes that he was deceived, because the landlords have never heard anything about any rental. It makes no sense to contact the agency - the phones do not answer, the office disappeared. Typically, such agencies exist for two or three major scams, and then disappear. Their creators change addresses, phone numbers, names, documents and it all starts a new way. It is very difficult to calculate such offices because of their mobility, especially since they do not leave any special “traces” on the Internet - there is only a page on an unreliable free hosting.

In order not to fall into the trap of such landlords, check the history and reputation of the real estate agencies you want to deal with, do not pay more than a month for your stay and do not leave cash liens.

More prudent citizens do not want to contact intermediaries and prefer to deal with apartment owners. But here there is a risk of falling into the clutches of scammers. You will be provided with a passport with a residence permit, and a home book, and a document of ownership. But all this is fake, and the real owner may not know what is happening with his property. And when the time comes to take hold, then deception is revealed. The most qualified scammers provide real documents, but of such poor quality that it is almost impossible to determine which property they were issued for. Such scams can find several tenants for housing in one day.

To avoid becoming a victim of such a fraudulent scheme, talk with your neighbors - find out who lives in the apartment you want to rent. Check if the apartment is not pledged, ask to show the originals of the accompanying documents, check who the owner of the housing is. At the slightest doubt, do not conclude any contracts.

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