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How to rent an apartment: search and inspection of options, types of fraud, conclusion of an agreement

How to rent an apartment: search and inspection of options, types of fraud, conclusion of an agreement

Searching and renting an apartment is a responsible and time-consuming process. Finding the ideal housing by all criteria is not immediately possible. Visitors will have to familiarize themselves with a large list of options, agree on living conditions. To speed up the search process, rent an apartment with amenities and comfortable conditions, you can use the services of real estate agencies. But for such help you have to pay. Self-search carries multiple risks. Often guests of the capital and other cities of the country fell into the hands of fraudsters and swindlers. How to rent an apartment? What to look for when inspecting options? You will find the answers to these and many other questions below.

Search Options

Upon arrival in a new city and, if necessary, renting a house for a day or for long-term accommodation, you can use the services of realtors. Real estate agencies offer options in different areas of the city. Realtors can recommend where to rent an apartment to meet the planned budget. The main task is to find a reliable company. Key benefits of working with agencies:

  • large selection of options;
  • Verified owners and real photos
  • coordination of terms for viewing;
  • counseling services;
  • time saving.

The second way to find an apartment in Kiev or in other regions of the country is to view ads in print media or on electronic resources. Owners publish information on the surrender, provide photos of housing. The main thing is to verify the reality of such a proposal, agree on conditions, check documents for real estate.

What to look for

How to find and remove the perfect option in every way? In the search for housing, you must pay attention to such moments as:

  • area;
  • remoteness from the metro and transport stops;
  • state;
  • type of house.

To verify the legal purity of the property that you intend to rent, ask the owner for documents for the apartment, a contract of ownership or a power of attorney for management, a passport. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with utility bills and make sure there is no debt.

Types of Fraud

The real estate market is full of scams. Fraudsters, thanks to their ingenuity, are finding new ways to cheat. What you need to know in order not to rent an apartment with a swindler? We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most common fraud schemes.

On electronic resources, photographs are not always true. A potential tenant should be alerted by the difference in cost and repair. It is impossible to rent an apartment with excellent living conditions, a full range of modern appliances, new furniture at an average or low price.

A lot of people who come to other cities are faced with a situation where the proposed housing does not exist. The contract may contain the wrong address, and without concluding an act on the reception and transfer of housing, it will not be possible to return the advance payment for the apartment.

Such actions are resorted to not only by "fake" apartment owners, but also by employees of "one-day" agencies. Realtors must be accompanied by you during the inspection of apartments, be present at the conclusion of the contract. Paying agency services is recommended only after signing the documents.

For viewing the apartment you want to rent, no one has the right to demand money. Please note that if a realtor puts forward such a demand, then this is a way of earning it, and he is not interested in renting out housing.

Deception, on which visitors are often “bought”, an offer to buy a customer base with owners. "Realtor" convinces that the catalog of options is updated and supplemented daily. But in reality, the client receives a database with outdated information, remains without money and an apartment that can be rented.

Contract: conclusion rules and information

Realtors of reliable companies help not only to search for an apartment for rent, but also monitor the conclusion of the transaction, which is accompanied by the signing of the contract. The document must contain information about the owner and tenant, indicate the monthly payment amount, deadlines, termination conditions, rights and obligations of both parties. Each contract is individual. The standard form of the document does not exist.

The tenant’s task is to carefully study all clauses of the contract, compare passport data, make sure the amount written and the collateral value are correct, the terms of settlement and eviction. The document should contain a detailed description of the property of the apartment (household appliances and appliances, furniture).

Owner Verification

If you decide to rent an apartment without the help of a reliable realtor, ask the owner as many questions as possible about housing, infrastructure, former residents, neighbors. Real owners will provide detailed information about their own property. The following points should alert:

  • changing the place and time of the meeting without prior approval;
  • requests for advance payment before viewing;
  • requirement of prepayment for three or more months of residence.
  • If possible, talk with your neighbors and find out if the apartment was rented out earlier. The most reliable way to check is to study real estate documents and utility bills. These "papers" confirm the fact of owning the apartment you want to rent.

Some more tips

When searching for temporary housing yourself, try to find out as much information as possible about the apartment by phone or at a meeting. Carefully inspect rooms, ventilation, plumbing, and other systems. Please note that if the owner is interested in renting out a house, he will not be in a hurry and will make sure that the equipment is in good working order, the furniture is in good condition, the hood is working, etc.

Do not miss the opportunity to get a discount. Many owners are ready to throw 100-200 hryvnia. If breakdowns are found, you can agree on the restoration of the rental fee.

Guaranteed Reliability

If you need to rent an apartment in Kiev, but you don’t want to waste time searching for the ideal option and viewing multiple offers, use the services of Vnoch. The site presents a large selection of housing, which can be rented daily. The catalog contains exclusively verified options with reviews of tenants, current prices and living conditions.

Convenient site navigation will allow you to quickly find an apartment that meets your requirements in terms of price and conditions. To rent a house, you can book a property through the resource or contact the owner at the specified contacts. Vnoch is a quick and convenient search for an apartment in the capital without risk!

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