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Secrets of Kiev Metro

Secrets of the Kiev Metro

Arsenalnaya Station

Did you know that the deepest metro station in the world is in Kiev? This is Arsenalnaya, its depth is 105.5 meters. To completely “plunge” into it, you need to go along 2 escalators. And here there are several drainage pumps, a minute stop of which can lead to a complete flooding of the station.

Metro like a bomb shelter

Also, the Kiev metro can be used as a bomb shelter. In case of war - all subway tunnels are equipped with special places to accommodate people. There is everything you need to survive - food warehouses that are constantly updated, fountains with drinking water, toilets. And at each station there are strong metal doors that can withstand even a powerful nuclear explosion!

There are two ghost stations in the Kiev metro

“Lviv Brahma” was founded in mid-1991 and frozen in 1997. It is located on a green branch, in the tunnels between the “Golden Gate” and “Lukyanovskaya”.
"Telichka" (in earlier projects - "Naddnipryanskaya") was planned as part of the Syretsko-Pechersk line back in the 1980-1990s. and it was built as a technical one. Today it is closed under the flyover of the South Bridge and has a coastal type of platform. Located between Vidubichi and Slavutich.

Metro bridge

Few people know that between the "Beresteyskaya" and "Nyvky" there is an indoor metro bridge along which trains run. It passes over the railway, and the roadway of Victory Avenue in the direction of Svyatoshino was laid right on it. So do not be surprised, it is in this area under the feet that the earth can sometimes tremble.

Metro at night

The subway does not fall asleep at night: the voltage is removed from the contact rail and repair and maintenance work begins. Already not trains run on the rails, but special railcars, called motor vehicles. The most difficult work at this time was for flaw detectors, on whom the safety of train traffic depends. Every night they walk along the tracks, step by step, checking the serviceability and reliability of the rails. Therefore, rats in tunnels are childish inventions. Every night, along with checks, the hauls are washed and vacuumed, and the trains are washed twice a month outside.

киевское метро

киевское метро

киевское метро

киевское метро

киевское метро

киевское метро

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