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To rent an apartment without intermediaries and risks: myth or reality?

To rent an apartment without intermediaries and risks: myth or reality?

Property rental is often accompanied by cooperation with realtors and agencies. Companies offer different housing options in any areas, the cost of which corresponds to the budget planned by the client. But is it safe to rent an apartment from the owner? An independent housing search is fraught with certain risks. How to eliminate the likelihood of being deceived by scammers? Is it possible to rent an apartment without an agency, do it quickly and safely? Read about it later.

Where to look for housing without intermediaries

You can find and rent real estate in Kiev in various ways. The most popular are acquaintances, friends, or relatives who can rent housing. In the absence of such an opportunity, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with announcements in print media or on Internet resources. Tenants are offered a wide range of options that can be removed without intermediaries for a day, several days or for long-term accommodation.

It is as simple as possible to find an apartment from the owner via the Internet. On the resources there are photographs of housing, prices are indicated and a description is provided. But there is no guarantee that this information is true.

To speed up the search process without an intermediary, you can submit or paste announcements about the desire to rent an apartment in a certain area with an indication of the budget. The more copies are made, the higher the likelihood that you will quickly find the best option.

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If you decide to rent an apartment without intermediaries, it is important to exercise caution. There are many scammers and scams on the real estate market. Follow these key rules:

  • Do not pay money before signing the contract or settling;
  • check the documents for the apartment, the passport of the owner;
  • ask as many questions as possible about the former tenants, neighbors, condition, etc.).

A tenant who does not resort to the services of a reliable and trusted intermediary should be wary of such moments as the requirement of a large prepayment (for a period of more than 3 months), sharp offers to change the inspection time, and a request to make an advance payment before meeting with the owner or owner.

Criterias of choice

To rent an apartment without an intermediary, you must first determine the planned budget and correctly calculate it. Without cooperation with agencies and realtors, you can save on paying for their services. But it is worth considering that most hosts ask for payment for the first and last months of their stay. When renting an apartment hourly or daily, homeowners ask for a security deposit, which is returned upon departure. It is also necessary to determine the following points:

  • area;
  • number of rooms;
  • infrastructure, remoteness from the metro and transport stops.

It is important for families with children to pay attention to the improvement of the local area, the presence of playgrounds in walking distance. If you own four-legged pets, make sure that there are places for walking dogs near the house.

In what condition do you want to rent a house? Do you need an apartment with furniture, good repair, modern and functional appliances? Such information must be clarified with the owners or intermediaries. In the absence of a washing machine, refrigerator or other appliances, talk with the owner about the possibilities of buying and installing devices. But the amount of equipment and the condition of the apartment affect the cost of options. To rent a house with a good repair and a full range of furniture for a comfortable stay at a low price will not work. And if you need an apartment just in a residential condition, you can meet the minimum budget.

Drawing up and signing a contract

Renting a property through or without intermediaries must be accompanied by a contract between you and the owner. In this document it is necessary to record the information provided by the owner (passport data, information about registered persons, proof of ownership, receipts for payment of utility bills). The contract should also indicate the conditions of residence: date of settlement and eviction, duties and rights of the lessor and tenant, methods and terms of payments.

The document fixes the condition of the apartment at the time of delivery, a list of furniture and appliances. Mandatory clauses with the obligations of the tenant in the event of damage to property and premature eviction.

How to rent an apartment in the capital

To rent an apartment in Kiev without intermediaries is not an easy task. Real estate owners, as well as guests of the capital, often use the services of real estate agencies that offer many options for different budgets. Searching for an apartment without intermediaries for announcements requires considerable effort, attentiveness and caution. But if you value precious time, want to rent a home with comfortable conditions, use the services of Vnoch.

The site presents a large selection of options in different areas of the capital, demonstrates current photos and descriptions of proposals with a list of equipment, price and requirements for residents. You have the opportunity to rent an apartment near the desired metro station, select and rent real estate in the most comfortable areas of the capital (Pechersky, Darnitsky, etc.). The catalog is regularly updated with new options and special offers. Only verified apartments are presented on the site, and reviews will help you make the right choice!

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