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When moving to a new house or apartment, keep in mind: some things are done to break. When it comes to moving, you need to be careful.

What things can most likely break or crash when moving?

# 1 - Electronics
Computers, televisions, and home cinemas are often the victims of breakdowns when it comes to moving. If you drop the electronics, its sensitive and fragile components can be seriously damaged.
Possible Solution? Keep the boxes and packing materials that originally came with things. When the time comes to move them to a new home, put the gadgets in packages and boxes as they did when they were purchased.

# 2 - Back
Back pain, stretched muscles, bone fractures - physical injuries sustained when trying to move the same refrigerator or piano without special equipment or the strength of several people.
Use a trailer for larger furniture, and in advance to study in detail the route of movement.

# 3 - Mirrors
Seven years of failure threatens those who try to transport mirrors on their own. This is a fragile thing.
Mirrors are subject to beating also because their frames cannot withstand impact forces when dropped or pressed. Therefore, do not sleep on the pillows when moving - cover them with mirrors and other fragile things! In any case, they need to be packaged.

# 4 - House
Door jambs, walls and floors are prone to shock and scratches when moving large pieces of furniture.
If you do not want to leave scratches in your old or new home, there is one reliable way - to hire experienced movers.

# 5 - Glass / Porcelain Products
Glassware, porcelain, as well as crockery are some of the easiest to break during moving. These pieces are extremely fragile and can crack if packaged like herring in a barrel.
Therefore, use paper and bubble wrap and leave space between them and the box.

# 6 - Frame paintings
During the move, paintings and other works of art are subject to a wide variety of damage if objects with sharp edges are placed or packed next to them.
In many cases, frames are richly decorated, expensive, and crack easily. Trying to pack things tightly in a car, people put boxes on pictures. If you do this, then you can easily drill them.

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