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What to see and where to go in Kiev?

What to see in Kiev

For a long time Kiev was considered the greenest city in Europe. It was founded in the ninth century, as the urban legend of three brothers and their sister says. Throughout its history, the city has often been subjected to raids and numerous destruction, but nevertheless, it exists and flourishes.

The capital of Ukraine is famous for its industrial enterprises, various research institutions and the most famous and prestigious institutions and universities. Kiev is a city of history, so you will find a lot of attractions in it.It is customary to start all excursions in Kiev with the Golden Gate, so our review of the capital will not be an exception. The construction is a kind of fortress, which was erected during the time of Yaroslav the Wise. Recently a museum was opened, which is loved by both residents and guests of the city.золотые ворота в Киеве -
Inveterate tourists, believers and pilgrims will appreciate the heart of Ukraine - Kiev Pechersk Assumption Lavra. Repeatedly the monument was destroyed as well as other numerous Christian islands of culture. Today, the Lavra is a whole reserve of national importance. On its territory are the oldest monastic cloisters and cells, many museums and churches, originally from antiquity.
Киево-Печерская Лавра -
The Opera House of the Ukrainian capital will attract your attention and will not leave you indifferent, even if you still have a tense relationship with the theater art. Wonderful music, the work of skillful choreographers and, in truth, professional vocalists will certainly immerse you in your soul. And connoisseurs of bold design decisions and decorative design will be amazed by the rich interiors of the room and chic decoration.
киевский оперный театр -

If you are not limited in time and are ready to devote a couple of days to a closer acquaintance with the city, we present to your attention numerous museums of the city. It won’t be boring for sure! So, we suggest visiting the Museum of Decorative Arts of Ukraine, the Natural History Museum of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Museum of Art of West and East, as well as many others.

Outdoor activities can be a great alternative to hiking in cultural events and museums. A free form of clothing and a good mood - that’s all that is useful to you here, and there will be no less emotions! It will be interesting to visit Pirogovo, the museum of national life located there. The national Ukrainian flavor will tell you a lot about the everyday culture of Ukrainians, in addition, many monuments of national character, clean fresh air and a colorful landscape will complement it. On holidays as well as on weekends, a wide variety of concerts and fairs are organized here. And you can always eat between events in cozy restaurants where dishes of national cuisine complement the impression of the cultural traditions of the country.

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